I created Bliss Science Coaching because I believe a life of power and pleasure is our birthright. We simply did not get taught how to access this, but this wisdom does exist in the world.

It is my passion to be a guide for men to claim their deep masculine power in an integrated way and become the heart-centered leaders & lovers that the world desperately needs and that women are craving.

Bliss Science marries insight from East and West to give you a new baseline, so you can live your full potential without having to try so hard.

My scientific background brings a unique, no-bullshit approach to transformational work. 

My clients have included leaders in the tech, finance, and wellness industries. They are fathers, partners, and single men who know they can't keep running on adrenaline and that there must be more to life. They are men who realized, despite all our cultural messages to the contrary, that showing up with love for themselves, their partner, and their children is vitally important. And they are high-functioning couples who want to explore uncharted realms of intimacy.


Working together means I give you unconditional respect and encouragement so you can take care of yourself, for once, instead of everyone else in your life. I also hold you accountable to step into the person you want to be.

My training comes from the paradigm-shifting wisdom of the tantric yogis - whose practices value both intellectual understanding and subjective embodied experience - and the best of modern science and psychology.

I love guiding clients to get in touch with their deeper knowing, beyond the discursive mind, to move past frustration and shutdown into their full potential.

Many of us come from backgrounds of shame, denial, and repression. It is a radical act to acknowledge and accept our emotions, desires, and wounds. Yet in this, we discover nothing less than who we really are, what we really want, and the freedom that comes from knowing our truth. 


Bliss Coach / Tantric Yogini / Scientist

Ananya Harvey, PhD.


There was only one model for how to live life in the small town in Texas where I was raised, and leaving a respectable scientific career to go study an esoteric system of yoga and explore paradigm-shifting ideas about sexuality was not part of it.

Spiritual practice never seemed like the thing for me: I wasn't about to throw rational thinking out the window for New-Age wishful thinking, and as a champion list-maker, I like to accomplish things and did not see the appeal of sitting in meditation.


Yet after years in the lab, I was miserable. I didn't know how to feel, I tried to please everyone but myself, and I had never accepted myself as a woman. I had no idea who I was.


So I left to go say yes to what scared me. 

When I found Tantric Yoga, it wasn't at all like my popular culture idea of spirituality. I feel in love with rigorous practices that welcomed the whole of my being and discovered sophisticated teachings that were serious food for my ever-questioning mind. 

I had become a scientist because I wanted to investigate the big questions in life. Yoga gave me a framework to do this in an ultimately much more fulfilling and fascinating way.


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