My 1:1 Bliss Science Coaching Program is for high-achieving men who are ready to claim freedom, power, and passion in all areas of life.

Dear Smart, Tech-minded Men:

I get you because I’ve been there in the trenches, too:

• I preferred the comfort of a computer screen to a cocktail party.

• I spent 10 years wearing chem goggles for 10 hours a day.

• I spent my free time studying & experimenting. 

• I published journal articles and won fellowships.

• But none of this taught me how to succeed in love & relationships. 

Instead, how would you LIKE:

• Effortless excellence in relating, just by being yourself

• Grounded confidence - end cycles of painful self-judgment

• Powerful masculine presence - become safe and trustworthy to women

• Deep sex - fun, fascinating, and connected

The truth is, STEM education woefully neglects human relationships, self-esteem, trust, and the emotional self. The long hours of technical work require us to disconnect from the very things we need for great relationships.

~Space is limited~

As a former lab scientist, I know what it is like to throw myself into endless work, with only a few free minutes here or there to remember to eat. I know the fascination but also the sterile loneliness. I remember lifting my eyes to see happy couples walking unhurriedly outside and wondering if I’d ever know that life.


I wanted to be FREE, but my entire IDENTITY was wrapped up in my WORK.

Eventually, my spirit rebelled.


I’ve spent the last 6 years learning how to LOVE.

And it was like I was a ZOMBIE before.

The way things stand, if you’re cutting yourself off from deep relating, you’re not going to get to be the HERO of your story.


A HERO is smart enough to lead, strong enough to kill all the zombies, and emotionally aware enough to GET THE GIRL. 


But all our education, all our training, only focused on STERILE intellect. 

It’s not your fault if you’re feeling ISOLATED, CONFUSED about relating to women, and nervous about sexual PERFORMANCE.

Here’s How I want to Serve You:

My 1-on-1 coaching program is designed specifically to give tech professionals the education we never had. 


We do this through the lens of an explorer mapping out new territory - think curiosity, openness, wonder. 


Step by step, I take you through 7 POWER ARCHETYPES where we systematically activate key skills you need to succeed in SEX, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS:

  • Self-worth

  • Emotional intelligence 

  • Empathic communication 

  • Sexual confidence

  • Healing toxic shame

  • Alignment of head, heart & gut

  • Attachment style 


This is an ALCHEMICAL process, which means it’s not just talking - we investigate the body, emotions & subconscious. We learn to turn and face resistance, doubt, fear such that they transform into allies. 


I know this may sound outside of the box, and it is. Real change doesn’t come from reasoning your way there, or you’d already have done it! 


If you’re ready to STEP UP to the challenge, let’s dive in.


  • Feeling fully received in your masculine power 

  • Leading powerfully from the alignment of your gut, heart & head

  • Experiencing game-changing sex that opens you to non-ordinary experiences

  • Feeling alive in your body and free to be yourself

  • Being authentically irresistible, personally + professionally

  • Feeling at ease and in the zone when flirting

  • Feeling free from old wounds, repetitive patterns & difficult emotions

Who This is FOR:

  • You are in a successful, stable place in your life and ready to commit 100% to the work.

  • You care deeply about showing up in integrity in business and intimate relationship

  • You who are open-minded and unafraid to be uncomfortable for the sake of growth

  • You feel at a loss when relating to women 

  • You regularly experience intense shame, guilt, or self-judgment

  • You are experiencing challenges related to sexual performance

  • You want more out of life, love & sex

    My clients understand that coaching is a co-active process that requires your full participation. Real transformation takes time, and sometimes the path gets harder before you break free. Successful clients are willing to de-throne the mind as the ultimate arbiter of existence and are open to tapping into deeper, less obvious, less linear levels of being.

I'm IN! How do we DO THIS? 

  • 6 month/24 session Bliss Wizard package

  • 3 month/12 session Bliss Hero package

  • 2 month/8 session Bliss Lover package

  • Private, online, 75-min Video Coaching Sessions

  • Between session text/email support

  • Personally-tailored recorded audio practices to keep forever

How Much?

  • A life-changing investment

  • Packages range from $2600 to $6800

  • Payment plans available

Bonuses for those who pay upfront in full:

  • Access to my online platform: performance anxiety, neo-tantric rituals + more! 

  • Access to my Bliss Science Massage Course for men & women 


  • You aren’t willing to make a firm commitment for 12 sessions over the next 3-4 months (even if you’re traveling, you need to have the flexibility to do some sessions) 

  • You want hands-on work

  • You want me to heal your trauma

See what others have to say about my work:


  • How do I pay you?

    I accept PayPal & Credit Cards.


  • Do the sessions have to be the same day & time each week?

    No, you can set your own schedule.


  • Do I have to meet every week?

    Yes, this work is most effective if we meet weekly. If you have to miss a week here and there, it’s okay.


  • How long are the sessions?

    60-75 min, and I recommend to set aside 90 min to have some time to integrate after.


  • How much time do I need to spend in-between sessions?

    Usually 30 min/day, 5 days/week (2.5 hours/week)


  • Do you give refunds?

    There are no refunds for sessions already completed. 

Why Work with Me?


  • I’ve spent years working successfully with men from all over the world in tech, finance, consulting & wellness industries 

  • I have lived through the transformations that I teach

  • As a scientist who crossed over into spiritual practice, I have a healthy skepticism that grounds my work

  • I’ve collected interviews and wisdom from men who dedicated years of practice to conscious sexuality

  • As a certified sex, love & relationship coach, I completed years of in-depth coaching training and specialization in Men’s coaching, Relationship coaching, & Tantra coaching

  • As an experienced leader of conscious sexuality workshops, sexual healing work, & group processes, I hold space for intensive transformation and diverse sexual expression

  • I am a trauma-informed coach & facilitator

How I work

  • I am committed to healthy sexuality, thriving relationships, and deep healing 

  • As your ally, I hold you with unconditional positive regard

  • I fully accept and receive the truth of you where you are at right now

  • I support you, attune to you, and also challenge you

  • I give you honest & sought-after reflections from the female point of view

  • My focus is to give you insight into yourself and point to what’s underneath surface reactions

  • I believe thriving comes from radical self-acceptance, connection to the truth of who we are, and healing in relationship

  • I work with people of all or no gender and all sexual orientations