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Being a great lover has nothing to do with sex

Being a great lover has nothing to do with sex.

Using fancy moves or techniques is a sure way to fail at impressing a woman.

Because as soon as you focus on performing in some certain way, it suddenly becomes all about you and no longer about being in the moment with her.

Being a great lover has to do with how in love with life you are.

How deeply do you love yourself?

How passionate are you about your pursuits in life?

What do you truly, madly love in the world?

What makes you feel full of wonder?

When you carry these in your body - this awakened passion - when your eyes are on fire and your body is like a finely tuned instrument alive with energy -

It doesn't matter what exactly you DO during lovemaking.

It matters how you ARE.

A man can do the same simple thing repeatedly - if it's with care, connection, passion - and as a woman's body opens, shifts, then new and deeper sensations and intimacy naturally arise.

AND, it is helpful to know a few things about how your body works, and hers

:) Yes, study sex.

AND be careful: if you're attached to performing and being praised by her for your prowess - you've already lost.

All you need is to love - and by this I mean to really deeply be centered in yourself so that you can be present and open to her.

The best technique or trick you can offer a woman is not a technique at all.

What do you think it is?

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