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Asking for help is an admirable sign of strength

Asking for help is an admirable sign of strength.

Sometimes I have the honor of working with people who have never before in their life considered talking about sex, love, and relationships with a stranger.

From a client:

"I'm so grateful for you. I feel like I can speak completely frankly with you. You create a really comfortable environment for this work. There isn't anyone else in my life who I can talk about these things with."

When something isn't working, we often think it's our fault.

That's because we've been sold the myth that once we find 'the one', it's supposed to all be a perfect fairytale.

This is a harmful lie.

The truth is, very few of us were taught ANYTHING about how to have healthy relationships and fulfilling sex lives.

We educate ourselves in every other aspect of our lives - it's admirable to learn calculus, study great poetry, learn to drive, build rockets, program computers - but learning how to relate?



And when it comes to the sexual parts of our bodies, our desire, emotions, and communication - this has been absent or actively shamed.

It's outrageous.

You do not have to suffer alone. It's not your fault. Reach out <3

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