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How to feel powerful no matter your life circumstances


(and Pleasure)

Where do you ALREADY feel powerful in your life?

You may think you don’t feel powerful anywhere. But look where you don’t normally look. For example:

  • Chopping wood, carrying heavy things

  • Powerful by your intellect,

  • Power in your finely-tuned awareness

  • Your ability to to be kind

  • The power in your body to give pleasure as a lover

We were taught not to celebrate ourselves, not to claim power, lest we lose ourselves to pride.

Well, use your discernment: don’t lose yourself.

Now, where do you feel powerful?

Power doesn’t have to come from not putting anyone else down. That is a brittle power, dependent on external sources. Lasting power comes from within. For example: knowing your own worth, delight in your body’s vitality, strength, and ability to take care of someone, and the power to give your lover SO much pleasure with the male body.

In tantrik psychology, one of the realms we get stuck in is “hell realm”, the essence of which is victimhood, which is extremely disempowering. What happens here is restriction, tightness, lifelessness. A pervasive sense of “It’s not fair”!

The antidotes to this are:


**Taking responsibility for your situation does not mean accepting guilt, blame, or shame.**

It actually means you take your power back. YOU decide to shift your situation.

What do you need, and how are you going to get it?

For me, I feel powerful when I am in PLEASURE. When I am in my body.

AND - when I allow the energy of life to flow through me.

That’s not some weird woo shit. I mean that in all seriousness. There’s a letting go, a trust, a surrender.

Imagine that! I feel POWERFUL when I SURRENDER. And let life flow through me.

There’s a brittleness to trying to figure everything out with my mind.

It’s exhausting and deadening.

But I’m not saying forget the mind.

Simply instead to bring input from the body and from source online, too.

I’m also NOT saying be passive - letting life flow through you INCLUDES your impulses to work, to change things, and callings to do hard, grueling stuff.

Where, as a man, do you feel powerful in your life?


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