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"I'm an atheist but I see god in your eyes."

“I’m an atheist but I see god in your eyes.”

“I love the way you receive me.”

When was the last time you looked for god in your woman’s eyes?

(It doesn’t have to be so esoteric: everyone sees the endless depths of the universe in the eyes of babies, for example. So whatever you call THAT - when was the last time you looked for this in your partner?)

When was the last time you saw her, REALLY saw her?

I’m not talking about the outside.

I’m talking about her deep inner beauty. Her feminine essence and all her life experiences that have shaped her. How she carries herself.

Do you celebrate her for being a woman and appreciate the wisdom of all of her seasons, or do you find her cycles and moods irritating? Do you look for the messages her body has to give you, the insight into you and your life, or do you dismiss the feminine as unreliable and irrational?

A lot of men want to know how to ‘make’ their female partner want them more.

You can’t make her do anything. Once that energy is present, you’ve already lost the game.

But you can inspire her by the way you see her. You can draw her in with your powerful masculine when you really are present to the depths of her.

If you want to “love the way she receives you”, then you need to be worthy of her opening.

How do you do that?

If she is a woman who knows how and is willing to surrender into the power of her divine feminine and show it to you -

She needs to be met with your sacred masculine, and you better know what that is! I know you may be thinking:

WTF are these things and why should I care?!

There are mouths to feed and bills to pay.


Do you want your whole life to go by while you’re checking off your to-do list?

Or do you want to show up as the hero of your life - as the best, most connected, loving, powerful partner and father you know you could possibly be? If you’re not tapping into your sacred masculine and practicing conscious sexuality with your partner, you’re not living up to your full potential.

Why wouldn’t you bring the exquisite care, skill, and focus to your love life that you exercise in your professional life? And when you do that, EVERYTHING shifts: happiness, health, sleep, love, and joy in life. And when you feel more joy in life, you do better work, you are a better parent and friend. And then this in turn increases your sexual connection, which increases joy, success, parenting...and on in an upward spiral.


this work is CRUCIAL to achieving our highest and deepest success in life.

What does ‘sacred masculine’ mean to you, and how do you express it in your life?

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