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Your anger is helpful

Your anger is helpful.


*That feeling* ~ the energy coursing through you, the heat, the tightness, the burning, the urge to lash out...

These are signals that YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION.

What needs to be protected? What has been transgressed? Where did you not honor yourself?

This does not mean you don't act to protect yourself or set healthy boundaries. And you may need to go let it out.

But you do not have to let the anger control you.

Anger is not bad. In fact, there are no "bad" emotions.

This is the #1 thing I see that cuts us off the most from happiness:

*beating ourselves up over feeling*

"I shouldn't be angry"

"I shouldn't be jealous"

"I'm more evolved, haven't I learned? How can I still possibly be feeling this?"

When did the goal of life become making all our uncomfortable emotions go away?

That is straight-up crazy. It's like saying: eventually I should evolve beyond needing to pee. If I need to pee I'm a bad person.

These emotions are natural reactions of our physiology. It is harmful to suppress them. (Just like it's not a good idea to hold your pee).

We feel things for a REASON. And in that reason is an insight for us.

What if you started to relate to it as a friend, a sentry, a guard there to help you?

It's not about how much you FEEL, it's about WHAT YOU DO NEXT.

Feeling angry? Great!

Feeling jealous? Alright.


This is the pure energy of life coursing through us, and it can EMPOWER US.

If you'd like to know how, PM me for a simple practice on turning yourself into an emotional genius.


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