Tantric Yoga is the yoga of your whole self.


An embodied, moment to moment awareness practice.


Are you ready to integrate your sexual energy as rocket fuel in your asana practice?


Are you searching for an embodied practice that goes MUCH DEEPER than physical postures?


Are you wondering how to take your practice off the mat and into day to day life?

Open your body, mind & heart

Deepen into connection with your true self

Purify your energy body

Cultivate power, tranquility & bliss

Access embodied awareness

Tantric Yoga combines Hatha Yoga, visualization, meditation & pre-modern kundalini practices in a full-body, holistic awakening to the truth of who you are.

Because it is an integrated practice in which no part of us and our human experience is excluded, Tantric Yoga teaches you to become aware of and move sexual energy through the body.

As a result, you may feel more vitality, power and passion for life. 



These practices are an essential foundation for deeper work.

You will learn a full set of practices using body, mind and breath to work with each chakra.

Classes may also include ecstatic or cathartic practices such as:

• VITA method breathwork


• Intuitive movement

• Mahavidya Sadhana - working with the 10 wisdom goddesses.



Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual practitioner.

~Space is limited~

Contact me using the form below to schedule a session!

As a scientist used to relying on the mind, my journey ​to personal power, deep relationships, and ecstatic pleasure had to involve the body.

Nothing could prove to my mind that these things were possible - I had to feel them myself.

Embodied practice is an essential foundation for deeper growth.


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