From frustration to FREEDOM

From pain to POWER

From longing to LOVE



looking for 


• Embodied power & leadership


• Freedom to love passionately


• Awakening your sexual potential 



looking for


• Introducing Neo-tantra into your sex life


• Having a wild, ecstatic, playful connection


• Getting skilled at going deep together

"Ananya is a person in whom you can confide your secrets, worries, and

fears - this dark side that we all have.

She is filled with love and tenderness and always puts herself in my shoes.

Ananya found solutions for my problems and gave me the key for a new understanding of myself and my relations with those I love. I'm truly grateful for her."

- J.R., Spain


You want to be FREE 

Constantly making yourself acceptable to others is exhausting. You want to be accepted and LOVED for being YOU: both awesome and awkward, strong and, well, HUMAN. 

You want to have amazing SEX

You love to love, but somehow so much gets in the way. You're tired of sex feeling like a performance. You want to feel safe to express yourself and also be irresistble to your partner.

You want to feel POWERFUL
You want to get in touch with your full inner power and learn to express it harmoniously. You're dedicated to being your best self - in your career and you relationships. 

Why I offer this work:


The idea that you have to go it alone is a harmful lie.

Neuroscience tells us that we heal, regulate, and grow in relationship. We are not meant to figure everything out by ourselves. If you want to thrive, then get good at relating - professionally and personally. 


Being good at relating requires a healthy sense of self - awareness of your body, emotions, & communication patterns - and an ability to set good boundaries.


These are not things we got taught in school. It’s understandable we might not know how to do them.


That’s where leadership & love coaching comes in.


What I stand for:


I've spent years working successfully with men in tech, finance, consulting & wellness industries.

It is my passion to be a guide for men to claim their deep masculine power in an integrated way and become the heart-centered leaders & lovers that the world desperately needs and that women are craving.


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